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magical engine

A new kind of silence

Discover the brand new magical electric outboard motor

This is Stream

Stream is the future. Like a conventional boat engine, but completely different. Powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels, silent and sustainable. Stream is for everyone, and primarily for the conscious boat enthusiast with the desire to protect our environment. And at the same time be at the forefront of modern technology to a reasonable price.  

Closer to nature

Longing for peace and quiet at sea? To listen to the sound of rippling waves and birds singing instead of an engine? To smell the sun, wind and water instead of inhaling the scent of fuel? Stream brings you closer to nature. And cares about our oceans, the animal life and the air at the same time.

There are a million reasons to choose
electric power. Here’s our top three.


Our electrical engines do not disturb the oceans, interfere with animals or pollute the air. Stream is the perfect choice for the conscious consumers with the desire to preserve our environment.

Silence that surprises

With Stream you get an exceptional experience at sea. You can actually hear the sound of rippling water and birds singing. Stream enables the sound of silence.

Affordable boating

Stream is more than an electric outboard engine to an affordable price. It is a smart life time investment. Charging is cheaper than refueling and Stream needs less service and maintenance. Our engines will pay for themselves over, over and over again.

Hard facts

Engine 1

96V syncron engine

Continues effect 22,6 KW / 30 Hp

Peak effect 34,4 KW / 45 Hp

Bluetooth remote assistance


CE marked electric engine

Weight 100 Kg

Long rigg

Option: closed loop antifreeze cooling system

Option:  trim and tilt

Engine 2

96V syncron engine

Continues effect 37 KW / 50 Hp

Peak effect 47,6 KW / 60 Hp

Bluetooth remote assistance


CE marked electric engine

Weight 105 Kg

Long rigg

Option: closed loop antifreeze cooling system

Option:  trim and tilt

The Battery

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

25,9 KWH

96 V/270 Ah

6A/10A/16A charge current

Charge time 6A 17 hours, 10A 12 hours, 16A 9 hours

12 V socket


CE marked battery

188 Kg

L x W x H   960 mm x 330 mm x 430 mm


Charge anywhere. Again, again and again.

Our batteries are easily charged in standard 220 volt sockets. Available almost anywhere. In most harbors, at many boat docks and in every marina.

The batteries can be charged up to 2 000 times. That means 12 000 quiet, peaceful and wonderful hours at sea if you stick to a more comfortable speed. If you like to go fast it will require a larger battery with more power.

Buying a boat with an electric outboard engine is a smart lifetime investment — charging is cheaper than refueling.

Electric power is the future

Fossil fuels are not the future. We are all well aware of the fact that emissions of carbon dioxide must be reduced in order to make the UN goals for sustainable development happen.

The boat industry is far behind the car industry when it comes to electric power. And as always, investments made in the development of new technology must be earned as soon as possible which make prices skyrocket.

The Stream team has always been convinced that it is possible to develop and build electric outboard engines. Combining excellent performance at a price level that conscious boaters both want and are ready to buy.

The boat industry will most likely face the same expansion of electric propulsion of engines as other industries.  In the near future.

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